Residential $252.00
Commercial                      $309.00

General information

  • A $50 cancellation fee will apply if the application is cancelled within 24 hours, however if cancelled after 24 hours then no refund will be given.
  • Legislation requires Council to provide a LIM within 10 working days from date of receipt.
  • Processing will not begin until we have all the completed information and the correct fee is paid.
  • No site inspections are undertaken as part of processing the Land Information Memorandum.
  • The complete LIM report is delivered in electronic format by email along with a link to view or download the Property File
  • A Land Information Memoranda (LIM) is a report that is prepared by a Territorial Authority (in this case the Rotorua Lakes Council) in relation to matters affecting land and buildings as per section 44A LGOIMA on the following:
    • Any special feature of the land including potential erosion, falling debris, sinking, slipping, silting or build up of land, flooding, or likely hazardous pollutants known to the Council.
    • Private and public drains and easements known to Council.
    • Rateable valuation of the property and rates struck and owing for the current year. (NOTE: This will also include water rates where applicable)
    • Council consents, certificates, notices, orders and requisitions affecting the land and any buildings on that land.
    • Zoning of the property and a copy of the Planning Map relating to that Zone, advising how the land can be used.
    • Certificates issued by a building certifier.
    • Any information that has been submitted to the Council by other outside statutory organisations or network utility operators relating to the site or general locality.
    • Any outstanding development contribution.
    • Any requirements under local bylaws.


A LIM is provided based on the legal description that is supplied to Council. Rotorua Lakes Council accepts no responsibility whatsoever if the legal description provided is incorrect.

For additional information on LIM, please read this information.